There Is No Better Way To Surprise A Husband Other Than This After A Long Period Of Waiting!

There is no better news that any parent can ever wish for than knowing that he/she is about to bring a child into this world. Having one is normally a priceless miracle. Though there are those who take giving birth to a newborn for granted, those who suffer from infertility problems can tell you how hard it is to wait for one.  The waiting process can be told better by Dough Price together with his wife.

As a couple, they were in marriage for the last ten years and in the past 5 years, they have been looking forward to that joyous moment. This video features the couple trying to win a trip to Aruba for vacation – that’s what the husband was thinking. While on with the game of chance, the wife pulled out something – it was a pregnancy test which was positive.

Dough was surprised, confused and overjoyed than ever not knowing what to do. Of all the things, he never expected that was the surprise which awaited him. It’s easy to understand his reaction since that is all he had dreamed of for the last 5 years.

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