These 9 Dads Are Dominating “Parenting,” Watch and Enjoy!

Dads are a vital component in a child whole life. They are one of the greatest gifts that a child can have. They are the protector and for most families, they are the providers for the family. Dads give their children inspiration to become the best and teach them to be challenging to the world. That’s why dads do stuff that make their children smile, even those that might embarrass them.

The video below shows the dads proving that they can be the best in the world. They show how they are gifted in doing the loveliest things for their children in the most touching ways. In the video, one dad can be seen playing tricks with his daughter, at one time the daughter starts to cry when a trick goes wrong, but dad knows how to exactly turn her feeling around and she starts laughing again. Dad manages to do that almost instantaneously.

In another instance, dad and daughter spend time creating new games. It’s so amazing to see how the daughter responds when she is almost losing, and how happy she is when she is winning.

All the while, mom is behind the camera laughing at her husband’s goofy tactics that are making the day for their daughter.

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