These Cats Can Communicate With Humans, How They Do It? — A Must Watch!

The American School for the deaf gave Kim Silva skills on how to deal with deaf people. After retiring, she decided to set up a sign language school for her new students; the cats!

America Sign Language is the language taught to any deaf human student. Silva has faith that the cats can also learn this language since she believes they’re intelligent enough. Cats are easy to teach basketball and skating. Bambi and her two other cats will be the students in her class. You have to bear in mind that Bambi is deaf.

This video shows how the cats respond to all commands made by Silva using her hands. The cats understand when to sit, shake, stay, high five, dance, sleep and finish.

The aim of this clip is to encourage others to take in deaf cats.

Dogs will jump right into anything new they come across; this is not the case with the cats. Cats are very observant and they will take their time to learn more about anything new thing before jumping into it. Kittens in the clip have learnt the deaf language for long and they responds immediately to all commands.

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