These Doctors Hold Hands In A Prayer. What Happens Next Will Go Down In History. Amen!

When disaster visited upon this beautiful country, Haiti, in 2010, no one knew it could set events in motion that would bring the nation global pride. Following the disaster, Dr. Henri Ford travelled from the US to his home country to take part in the relief efforts.

Henri grew up in Port-au-Prince and later moved to the US where he’s now the Chief of Surgery working at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles. It’s during his time in Haiti that he got know about Michelle and Marian Bernard, two cute twins conjoined from birth.

If something hadn’t happened to bring Dr. Henri home, he would never have learned about the two girls, and nothing would have changed in their lives.

In this video, Henri and his team of doctors embark on an historic surgical operation to separate the twins, but they first have to say a prayer. The favorable ending of the whole thingover-joys us, and we give great credit to this brilliant doctor for making it happen.

Watch the full video and witness this great achievement. This doctor brought great pride and admiration for his country, and that’s historic!

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