These Guys Stole Our Hearts With This A Capella Twist Of A “Super-song.” Awesome!

Say you love a song, a classic tune that you would give anything to have it brought back in a newer “dimension.” When that happens, you always know just how lovely the beat is going to be. You might even have mastered the lyrics, and that adds some more flavor to the already goose-bump-inducing twist. That’s a good thing!

Now, what if this song is something like the eagles song? Something that arouses your inspiration and makes you feel free? We’ve come across many videos of classic tunes getting a modern “makeover,” like when Miley Cyrus and took on and twisted Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” into a whole new tune. But this one in this cool video is something else!

Watch as these 5 guys, from the band Home Free, take on the Eagles Song and make it fit the day. These guys are good at what they do. That’s why they came out on top of the Season Four of the Sing-Off. They’re definitely talented!

Check out this clip right now and get to see just how they add some personality into this originally a Capella song. You’ll want to “rock ‘n roll!” SHARE with your buddies on Facebook!

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