These Old-Time Classic Music Stars Dance To ‘Uptown Funk,’ What A Routine!

When you talk about a video addict, then Michael Binder is one of them. Actually, he has seen all the movies that you may have heard. His love for movies has made him earn a living by writing and talking about them to his followers.

One day, he saw a song clip that contained dancing styles from the already famous movies that featured the song “Uptown Funk.” This motivated him to perform the same routine, but borrowing dance moves from the films that were produced by Golden Age of cinema.

It was not an easy thing to look for the ideal movies that clearly fitted his plans, but researching through the hundreds of clips dated 1953 and before made him come up with an amazing clip that featured the all-time famous singers and dancers. Among the famous singers and dancers that he edited in his clip were Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, and Shirley Temple,

This edited clip took a lot of time since Binder had to properly time the dance with the music so that it would not appear to be slow or very fast as compared to the original movie.

The amount of time he took to edit the clip never was in vain as he finally came up with an interesting clip that no one would resist in seeing it numerous times!

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