These Pups Found Their Way To The Tub, Their Reaction? Hilarious!

Puppies are one of the cutest creatures you will ever have in your room. Not only are they adorable but they are also fun to watch as they play around the house especially if they are two or more. For sure, I like watching such puppies play around. The best part comes when you give them a delicious bone. Before you give them, they seem to plead with you to give it to them. Once you give them the bone, that’s the moment you will realize that the bone was not yours- it’s theirs. If you try to take the bone from their mouth the puppy will try to roar like a lion.  You will just find yourself laughing each time you try to snatch it from the pup.

In this video, things are somehow different. These pups are usually carried up the stairs but this time round the owner decided to make them walk on their own up the stairs. Surprisingly, these pups started racing and they ended up in a tub. If you look at these tiny creatures, you might think that they are just in a tub of their own.

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