These Scottish Bagpipe Players Have Everyone’s Heart Warming. Awesome!

You’ve most probably heard or even got a chance to watch these guys do their thing. The Piano Guys are a Scottish band that happens to possess the most interesting and impressive talents when it comes to making the old music instruments produce some good sounds. In this case too, these guys will bring you smiles!

The setting is well-chosen – it’s on a nice green space. The 17 cool guys make a circle around these two other talented humans with a knack for working pianos and guitars. When this cool group starts out on this classic song, you won’t believe it!

To take things a notch higher, you’ll realize that these guys aren’t even uttering a word, but the sounds from the instruments will sing you the whole of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” without missing a word. This is just beautiful, and you’re going to love it more especially when the video starts with a nice overlook of the Scottish landscape. The performance is fully packed with the beauty of the land, and that’s great. Plus, some blending in of the “Amazing Grace!”

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