These Simple Mannequins Will Have Your Jaws Dropping. Watch This!

If you have ever gone walked into a mall and gone out having decided that mannequins are kind of creepy, just know that I don’t blame you.

We’ve watched too many movies about these things springing to life and getting shoppers running after their lives, or even strangling the dear shoppers. So it’s totally understandable if you walk around the mall looking over your shoulders.

However, I had a strong boost of confidence after watching this video. Here is a lady with mannequins, and what she is doing with them will make you want to throw a party for all mannequins on the planet.

At first, I had a tough time trying to decide if this was real or graphic. When I finally made the decision, I felt like walking into a mall and hugging one of these!

The lady with the mannequins is really a very creative human. If more people could come up with such cool ideas, we wouldn’t be afraid of so many things.

Watch the full clip and see what the lady does with her mannequins. It’s really an adorable sight, and you can’t wait to click that SHARE button and let your Facebook friends have a look at this!

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