These Soldiers Sang “Proud Of Who I Am.” The Lyrics Got Me Standing!

Obviously, we have come across numerous clips featuring our troops in deployment, but the best hadn’t come along yet. It’s here now, and it’s one of those things that make people’s hearts pump faster!

Here on this platform, videos of our national military heroes in deployment always get our big hearts skipping some beats, and we don’t really care what they’re covered doing as long as they are safe and looking good!

Now, this video shows you something that you’ll want to watch many times over. During their deployment, two army guys decide to also do something they love, so they come up with some really cool lyrics for a song. In the clip, they get to voice it in the kind of style and excellence that will get you applauding!

Lucien Patton and Lane Goff are two army officers with a great singing talent, and so when they take on their song, “Proud of Who I Am,” you’ll want to hear them on radio more often! The better part is that these guys decided to sing for their army colleagues, unlike most videos that show officers just doing their own thing.

This video is superb! In fact, when a colleague of theirs, Austin Ferguson, posted it on Facebook, it garnered over 175,000 shares! This is now the informal song for our heroes!

Watch and listen, then get stunned and tell us!

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