These Toddlers Are Caught Doing This When Their Parents Are Sleeping. What?!

You have two kids, 2-year-old twins to be precise. You and your spouse love those little cuties to the moon and back, but then you wake up one day to discover that they’ve been keeping something from you. Can you imagine that?!

If this sounds crazy, well, it’s not. There’s this clip that’s got everyone talking about these 2 kids who decided to come up with their own schedule without their parents’ knowledge. Apparently, little Ryan and Andrew Balkin had a knack for playing at night, so when they got tucked in bed and their parents went to sleep, the little ones would get up and crawl out of their crib. What they did next is the reason this cool clip is now breaking the internet. You can’t pass this!

They’ll play and jump around on the pillows having the nicest time of their lives. You just can’t look at these without falling in love with them. This is amazing!

Watch the full video here and enjoy the fun. Be sure to SHARE this hilarious clip with everyone you know!

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