These Twins Are Yet To Realize They Are In A Different World, You Can’t Miss This!

When a kid is first born, they’ve to be given a first bath, and this has to be done by a skilled nurse who uses a special technique called Thalassa Baby Bath in which the little one feels warm and supported while bathing for the first time in their life.

That said, you might have been wondering how it feels for twins to take a first bath together. One thing you’ll agree with is that twins happen to have quite a strong bond, having spent a lot of time together. In fact, I can attest to that too. I don’t have a twin sibling but I feel quite an attachment to those I’ve spent a lot of time and grown up with. May be you feel it too!

In the video, these two kids, have just been born and are now ready for a bath. Sonia Rochel, a trained baby nurse, knows how to bathe newborns. Sonia has mastered this art, even almost communicating with the little ones.

Watch as the twins bath. From the look of it, these two have zero idea that they’ve already been born. See how they lock in a lovely embrace as the nurse works her soft hands on them. Awesome!

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