These Two Are Nurses, But Still There Is Something Lovely About Them- Watch This!

I must admit that Pixar films are way too far so inventive! The reason as to why I say so is that these films are filled with imagination which carries you away emotionally!

Meet Eric and Katherine in the clip below. Eric is very much aware that Katherine is a fan of this movie by the name of Up because they have been lovebirds since they were in high school. Currently, they still are in love even though they are nurses, and Eric is sure of the steps he has to take.

He gathered his family and friends together in the night before 1st August 2015. Even though they were half awake, they filled the balloons with helium. This was a simple demonstration of how much everyone appreciated Katherine, for them to wake up in the wee hours of the night and help Eric.

He then appears with her at by the lake side where all the friends and family are gathered, and a violist is playing the film’s tune. He then proceeds to flash out a homemade folder then giving her a pair of earphones.

What a clip that can extract tears from your eyes! After a long period of dating happily, it comes a time when Eric needs to show her something that is in his back pocket.

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