These Women Turned On The Camera While In The Car. When The Music Started? Amazing!

Be prepared for cuteness overload, because this video has what it takes to melt even the coldest heart!

“SketchShe,” an Australian female comedy that’s comprised of three ladies has done it again! Today, they are doing some epic lip-synching in a car with a performance that features songs from different decades. Each and every performance they do has everything it required to be considered top-class. On top of that, relevant costumes accompany all the performances and watching them makes you notice the amount of time they invested in their practice to come up with the final performance.

I won’t be surprised if this clip goes viral soon or later since it has the potential of doing so. These women are really bold, confident and fun in everything they do.

When it comes to tickling that “funny bone,” Madison, Lana and Shae-Lee know how to do it better. Hardly do they fail to turn heads whenever they perform and this video will make you understand why their road to fame has been a smooth one.

What do you think of the trio’s performances? Do you think the kind of recognition they have garnered this far? Kindly SHARE your opinions by commenting below.

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