They All Want To Use phones And Tablets At Dinner, But This Dad Has “The Skeleton Key.” Hilarious!

In this age when almost everything and everyone is connected to the internet, family time has been slashed really badly. You’ll find kids using their phones and tablets during dinner, and that only works to reduce interaction among the family members.

You’ll be surprised by the number of parents who don’t really “know” their kids because there’s never enough time to talk to them. Well, someone made an app for that too, and this dad won’t pass it!

Dolmio makes Italian fare and pasta sauce, but that’s not the only stuff they’re really good at. They decided to help out moms who felt that their kids weren’t really there at dinner. And what better and stealthier way to get things back on track than to use what’s usually present at the table? A pepper mill!

In the video, you’ll watch this smart dad as he gets to use this cool thing to get his family together. This little thing just needs a twist and it’ll disconnect all the wireless networks and switch off all electronic devices – including phones and tablets! It’s basically the “skeleton key” used at home. Great!

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