They Are Doing Some Filming At The Beach, Then They Capture An Incredible Turtle Encounter. Wonderful!

You’ll agree that turtles are sweet, but we also wouldn’t like their population to die off. When a baby turtle (or a hatchling) is born, it’s immediately faced by a credible threat of being killed by the predators.

But turtles aren’t that stupid, so they have devised their own schedule of when to escape to safety. To start with, a turtle has to first make it to the general waters to doge the enemies on the beach. During the day, these small creatures don’t move. Come the night and the temperature drops; they now know it’s safer for them, so they make a dash for the waters.

That’s what Matthew was in for when they went filming on the beach with his buddies. He just wanted to capture the beauty of the Mexican sunset, but he noticed something moving in the sand. It was a massive turtle migration!

This is truly special, and you just can’t help but check out this clip and see for yourself. You also get to watch the sunset. Please SHARE this with your buddies on Facebook, and they’ll like you more!


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