They Are Going Through Hard Times, But Listening To This Song Is Enough To Change It All!

Yearly, a hit song is produced that carries people away. In 1970 America was undergoing change, the war in Vietnam was concluding and the world was full of hope. The whole universe was shaking to the possibility of it being brought down by the nuclear weapons. Everybody was frightened and confused.

During this confusing time, some singers and authors named Garfunkel and Simon produced a fifth album, “Bridge over Troubled Water.” The title of this song was meant to be as a single in the beginning of 1970, and from that time it turned out to be a hit song.

This song has a combination of folk, gospel and rock music. At the end, it managed to attain 13 Grammy awards, song of the year, including, Record of the year. In six weeks, it maintained at the top 100 position on the Billboard, and was the greatest single ever. From there henceforth, other singers have altered the song and made it even better.

Although it is a mournful kind of song, it inspires too. When the world was thought to be ending, the song was there to reassure people that even if the water is angry and fierce, the bridge is there to see them through to the other side.

This duo parted ways the very same year, but kept coming together on several tours. In the below video, you see the duo performing together one last time before parting ways. The song starts with Garfunkel singing his high notes, then his friend and sometimes enemy joins in.

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