They Are Having Some Time In The Wild, And This Cute Creature Comes Along And Does This… Fantastic!

Warning: This video has been proved to make people keep replaying it.

So you sometimes love to have a nice time on your own, and you sometimes leave the pack and do your own cool stuff? Well, that’s actually healthy.

In the video, you have these good tourists who went out to capture a few photos of the wild, and what they came across will drop your jaw.

Here’s a group of elephants moving about, and they seem to have been on this journey for the better part of the day. They have a calf, which seems to care less about the rest of the animals whenever his own interests are concerned.

That’s why the little one just drops himself and kicks off his “me-time” period with total disregard of whether the others are walking or waiting. For about a minute, the tourists are treated to this cool scene of this calf doing his stuff in the dirt, and you’ll love it.

The calf’s mom and dad are so patient, and they wait for him to end his session and rejoin them. But then again, this elephant might be just trying to get some dirt on himself to protect himself from the hot sun.

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