They Are The Best Buddies, But Sharing Is Not Their Biggest Strength. HILARIOUS!

Meet the least expected buddies who are learning the art of sharing. There are many things, why this kind of relationship never stops amazing me. First, it’s the first time I’m coming across a rat who is a cat’s best buddy. The other thing is, they know they all need the appetizer and they are taking turning in it – even though their sharing is not the best.

Despite the cat being so big, it knows the little friend has to take some share. Watching the two taking their meal from the same bowl is the best thing ever. I know the owner knows that it could have been better letting each take from a separate bowl, but how will you ever restrict yourself from watching such a heartwarming moment?

This is a cat I would love to have at any time. I liked the personality it expresses over her – not that I hate my cat, but I’m pretty sure it won’t exercise such patience in front of a cat. What about yours?

If you were told to imagine a conversation between the two friends, what do you think it could have been like?

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