They Asked These Boys To Slap A Girl. You Have Got To Watch Their Reactions..

Violence against women is a major problem that affects millions of women around the world. They suffer ever day for being in a harmful relationship that threatens their well-being and their safety.

These boys in the video who are aged between 7 and 11 years old were introduced to a girl. At the beginning, it was awkward as they were amazed by her beauty, but after the little introduction, they were asked to do some harmless things like making silly face at the girl then touching her silky hair or her pretty face. However,  moments later, what they though it could be the start of an innocent friendship, it took suddenly a shocking turn when the boys were told to slap the beautiful girl as hard as they could.

Watch how they respond to this horrific request. Apparently, these boys are raised well by their parents. Even at their very young age, they already know what is right from wrong.

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