They Bought A Hammock For Their Cat, What He Does? This Is A Must See!

I am sure that you have heard of the famous saying “practice makes perfect.” Do you think it only applies to humans? If you said yes sarcastically, then you are about to prove yourself wrong in this video.

In this clip, we meet Timo, the cat. Timo is getting old, and the owner thinks it’s wise to surprise him with a hammock. I am sure you are wondering why the owner had to buy a hammock for a cat and how the cat will even use it. For some reason, you might be right, but keep watching and see how it ends.

When Timo saw the hammock for the first time, he wanted to try relaxing on it. Things did not turn out the way he expected. Each time he tried to jump on the hammock, he found it difficult since the hammock would swing and throw him off balance. Timo was not the type of cat to give up, and he continued trying each time. At last he could jump on the hammock without losing balance. Watch this video and see how comfortable Timo relaxes on the hammock after mastering how to jump on it.

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