They Brought A Toy That Could Lay Eggs. The Toddler’s Reaction Is Priceless!

Easter can be such an exciting period, especially to the kids who get showered with all kinds of beautiful presents. For the little ones, a nice toy would do, and that’s exactly what this family did for their little sister. They got her a toy hen, and guess what? It’s a hen that can actually lay toy eggs!

In the video, you watch as the adorable toddler and her elder sister watch as the good toy does its thing. With each egg dropping out, the toddler gets her spirits high in a mix of amazement and shock as she witnesses this great “miracle” of the laying of toy eggs. She just can’t get enough of it, and that’s even more amplified at the end when she finally lets out a cute scream to signify the peak of excitement. You’ll really love this!

By the end of the clip, her sister is already asking if she wants to see the magic again, and you can guess the answer. Watch this video and drop in amazement. Remember to SHARE it on Facebook and also drop us a comment and talk about it.


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