They Came Up With A Plan To Surprise The Unsuspecting Grieving Mother. The Reaction? So Priceless!

Michelle’s world was splitting apart when she decided to leave her place of work and take a break for some time. Blaine, her 19 years of age son, Blaine, had passed away and she needed more time to grieve and at the same time needed to come up with a way of footing for the ever increasing bills. She never knew her daughter Crystal had a plan in mind.

Crystal had decided to request KIIS 1065, which is a local radio station for assistance. The station answered her request and decided to surprise Michelle with $ 5,000 for completing the home renovations, which Blaine has started while alive and cleared her six months mortgage.

With the help of Kyle and Jackie O. who are hosts at the radio station, Crystal was able to come up with a plan of getting Michelle into a car when the right time for the surprise came. An announcement was to be made to complete the surprise… and to be sincere, things went as planned and Michelle’s reaction couldn’t be better than this!

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