They Contributed A Dollar Each, Now See What They Use If For… Priceless!

I am sure that everyone is so amazed with the Christmas season that is here. This is the time that people get to meet and talk about everything and exchange gifts. On this time, people do shop for food and decorations. Even though we do all this, most of us never know what this day really means.

In the clip below, we are reminded of what the Christmas day really means and what we should do as children of God. During this Christmas holiday, the Cross Point Community Church and the Fairview Police Department in Tennessee teamed up to show a sign of kindness. Rather than celebrating this big day alone, they came together and formed what we call The Dollar Club. The purpose of this club is for each member to contribute a dollar that would in turn help the needy out there.

The money raised was used to make other people smile. To do this, they went to different places in Tennessee such as the supermarkets, malls gas stations and even on the highways. For instance, they would come across a person who is buying a Christmas tree or refueling the car and they would pay for the bills. The reactions of these people when they are showed the act of kindness are the ones that will make your heart melt.

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