They Dig A Trench, Later On…I Need To Learn Surfing!

Of the beaches that are widely known of their beautiful nature and world-class surfing, Hawaii is one of them.

If you go a hundreds of years back, it was taken as a ritual for the warriors who resided on the islands. That was during the 1700s.

Today, surfing is one of the common and most viewed sports in the world.

In Hawaii, when the rainy season comes, it not only makes it look beautiful with the green trees all over, but also it becomes a danger to the little towns.

The rainy season sheds a lot of water that over floods posing the threat of eroding everything that is on its course, including houses and roads.

To prevent this calamity from happening, the only way is to dig trenches from the ocean to the rivers to help in the draining.

This drenches connect help in the alleviating the swollen rivers, which also creates an opportunity for the surfers to have fun with the fresh water. Mostly, they lie on their surfing boards, or try to stay upright for the longest time possible.

Watch the clip below to see how the surfers compete to maintain the upright positions in the river water.

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