They Expected To Have A Normal Birth But Then… See What They Recorded? What A Heartfelt Film!

On our platform, we have always loved videos showing a baby’s development. You can’t hold back your smile watching how a helpless baby turns into a bouncing baby and that normally takes place during a baby’s first year. This is a fascinating video featuring baby Ward Miller’s development. Not only do we see the baby’s development, but also his parent’s (Lyndsey and Benjamin) emotional journey as they watch him grow.

Parents who have had their children in the hospital know how demanding it is to have one there. It can get even more complicated if the child you’re expecting is the firstborn, and the birth ends up being premature. It may end up being too much for any first-time parent to experience. The longing to start breastfeeding and formulate your birth plan can all of certain turn out to be a wish.

At the time when Ward was born, it was 3½ months earlier from the expected time. That meant he was at the “extremely preterm” or “very preterm” bracket. He was put under multiple assistance devices and monitors to aid him in breathing and feeding. That meant his parents had to sit in the NICU and watch him develop with a lot of anxiety. Fortunately, ward responded positively and this video recorded his development. You won’t believe it, he went through such a rough and tricky start once you see his reaction at the end of the video.

It’s truly heartwarming watching Ward grow. The whole community must learn to support parents who find themselves in similar situations and give them hope. What do you feel about this? Kindly SHARE with others and comment below!


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