They Fake A Slow Dance At First, And Then Blow The Guests’ Minds With This. You’ll Wish You Were There!

We really love when a lovely couple decides to do something really cool on their wedding day, something like moving to a good beat. Most of us love dancing, and it turns out that some newlyweds want to preserve the memory of their big day by moving and shaking to the beat of their choice. That’s what Grace and Steve Dang wanted, and they had it!

We’ve been used to couples moving to some lovely slow dance love songs, but Grace and her hubby chose something even more “movy.” Watch as the two love birds dance to Klangkarussell’s ‘’Sonnentaz,” (Sun Don’t Shine), and you’ll be in love with what they do. They start with a slow dance, deceiving the guests first, and then they switch to a show that blows your mind.

Steve explains that he and his bride wanted to move to something more musical and danceable, so they settled on that lovely song. It’s both awesome and moving!

Check out the full video and see the couple in action. You can’t skip that SHARE button, so just use it and let all your Facebook friends see this too. Wow!

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