They Flew A Long Way Just For This. Now See What Happens When The Beat Goes Live On Stage. I’m Down With It!

The X Factor just ran its 12th season, and it’s all joyful with some girls coming in from the Philippines. You might want to think these 4 nice sisters aren’t so powerful, but that will change the moment you see them do their cool thing on stage.

At first, they seemed like they couldn’t pull it off, as they reached out to each other’s hands and clutched, but something else went down the moment the beat came on. Wow!

The 4 ladies have taken singing as their main hassle to help out their parents in upkeep and paying for their education. You just love that, don’t you?

They have already won a few contests across Asia, and now they have their eyes are set on the main price at the X Factor. They go by the cool name, 4th Power, and you’ll love what they do n stage. In fact, these ladies have garnered quite an impressive fan-base that’s sure to stay with them for long.

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