They Had To Surprise A Stressed Old Widow, What They Did Is Priceless!

Agnes, a 90-year-old woman was reported to be violating the regulations in the city. A family member had dumped a lot of trash in her home and at that time she stood to be fined around $2500 for the mess. The woman was too weak to even walk and she never knew what to do to solve the problem. That is when she gave one nonprofit organization called Operation Blessing a call. They were ready to clear the old woman’s mess and do a little bit more for her.

Her home was practically stormed by volunteers for the clean-up process. They removed the trailer which had been abandoned in her compound and all the trash. They made a spectacular brick red path, a beautiful garden, renovated her old roof, and then provided her with something which she had wished to have – an air conditioner. Everything was well done and Agnes couldn’t hold back her tears of joy.

According to her, she was helped out of her troubles by “little angels.” Honestly, we don’t have to wait and see angles with wings to know we are dealing with them – they are living amidst us.

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