They Have A Special Needs Classmate, What They Did? We Need More Of This!

It’s so heartbreaking that things like bullying still exist within us and they make the news from time to time. Though bullying is not a new vice, the emergence of the internet and different social media platforms have taken it to another level. That means we have to come up with different strategies of discouraging our kids and the entire community from taking part in it.

One 5th grader does not understand how someone decides to bully a person with special needs. The website of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reveals that the probability of children that have disabilities being bullied is so high compared to what the normal ones face.

Things are quite different for James Willmert who is a 5hth grader within Franklin Elementary. He has 5 friends who do their best to ensure bullies do not abuse him and always try to include him in everything they do.

While reporting to USA Today, Jack who is one of James’ friends revealed that there are some students who are not sympathetic with the James’ condition. They behave badly and take advantage of his situation to abuse him, something he considers to be wrong.

They then decided to include their friend in all activities they perform. From playing video games to other schoolyard activities, they ensured James was one of them. With that, James’ socialization skills were impacted positively and his mother has been astonished with his improvement.

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