They Have Had Many Performances Together. But This One Is One Of Its Own!

For many years, Gary and Charlotte have been doing great performances together. This is evident in each and every move they make while performing. They have traveled across the country taking part in various competitions. They have also won several awards and honors.

In the video clip that you are about to watch the two dance to the tune, “Me and Bobby McGee.” Their performance impresses the crowd watching them at the Chicago’s Windy City Jitterbug Club. They give their audience a memorable performance than ever before.

What the couple doesn’t know is that there is a surprise is coming their way. As you continue watching the video, you will see this woman, Debbie Wheelis, pop out of her seat in the crowd to join the couple on stage. Judging from her steps, Debbie has great dancing skills. But the audience becomes lively with the unanticipated surprise.

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