They Keep On Asking Why She Never Aborted, I Like Her Answer!!!

Every expectant couple is a happy couple, although things can be a little troubling sometimes, especially if it’s revealed that the newborn might have some complications. But for Lacey and Chris Buchanan, all that discouraging stuff was just nonsense!

During her pregnancy, Lacey was told that her child would be living with one of the rarest conditions on the planet – the Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS).  Only about 50 people in the whole world are affected by this condition. Due to this condition, Christian Buchanan was born with no eyes and a few other deformities. However, it’s the mother’s decision not to have an abortion that’s really touching.

Some people have come out strongly against her decision to give birth to a deformed child, but Lacey has her answer thrown right back at them. You want to see this!

In a YouTube video that’s now breaking the internet, Lacy and Chris are featured in a segment having fun with their cool kid and talking to the media. Christian is now grown and happy. The video has since gone viral, with so many people supporting the family. Great!

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