They Looked Forward To Something Special, But They Never Thought It Will Be This Cute!

Because Bonnie Amend was going to turn 60, she decided to do it with a difference. She and her family (two daughters and husband) travelled from Le Roy, N.Y., to Manhattan, particularly to the “Today” show plaza. The objective of this trip was that there was an “ambush makeover,” where a person is picked from the multitude so that her hair can be redone and also some makeup, and she wanted to be one of the chosen ones.

The very same day of her birthday, 20th of August, she was very fortunate. A specialized Hairstylist by the name of Luis Licari, together with a TV presenter called Jill Martin, picked her from the multitude. They then went inside the studio where the transformation was to take place, as it appears in the “Today” section below.

She told the “Today” show that she is a clerk and has never used makeup before and it was her daughter that started all this makeup issue. Upon being interviewed, her daughter commented that it was better for her mum to do some touches while turning 60 years.

Husband and daughters were blindfolded and told to wait for Amend to pop out of the studio. When she got out, the blindfolds were removed. What a change!

Ambush makeovers also chose Lensie Melton when she was turning 58 years old. The person who came with the idea was Sheryl, her friend of 50 years. On that particular day, they made sure they were at the plaza very early in the morning. Sheryl had a sign on her hands stating that an ambush was essential, and the arrow pointed at Melton.

After the makeup, Sheryl could not believe the change that Melton had on her. She was left breathless. Scroll down to see the pictures of both Melton and Amend. Please SHARE this to all your friends on Facebook!

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