They Looked Like Any Usual Gymnasts, But When They Took The Stage? So Intriguing!

Not all the time you sit back to watch a dancing routine, you end up being intrigued by what you see – but this one will not disappoint you at all! These three dancers took the stage during the Acrobatic World Championships in 2010 that took place in Poland. Everything about them was amazing as they showcased thrilling talent that takes a lot of training time to master.

At first, the petite gymnasts appear like any usual dancers, but you have to keep on watching to discover what they are made of. When the 0:21 mark reaches, these Russian dancers exhibit a skill of defying gravity when they propel the pint-sized dancer into the air. She keeps on doing that and perfectly land back to the group effortlessly

They perfectly cover every space within the flow as their choreography is accompanied by flexible movements, balances, leaps and balance of jumps. This is not a sight you will tire watching!

It’s easy to notice why they ended up being the competition’s eventual winner in which they edged Ukraine and Great Britain who where their close competitors. You won’t regret watching their dance routine below!

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