They Lost The Camera That Took This Photo, What Followed Is Unbelievable…

When it comes to sweet memories, nothing compares to the time you spend with loved ones. It is one of the most precious times. It is unlike other times that you spend pursuing happiness. In fact that is why photography has become such a big industry. It is all about capturing those great family moments, because those moments are not always there. They come and pass. Sometimes even the loved ones in those photos pass on. Those photos help us to treasure their memories.

In the video below, one person lost him go-pro camera while out having a good time. The camera fell off from its mounting into the river below the cliff. He tried to swim and see if he could locate it, but failed. He finally gave up and thought he had lost the camera and the photos saved in it. He did not know that someone with a good heart would find it after a while. Two brothers were snorkelling when they found that camera lying on the river bed. They took it home and were surprised to find it still intact. It’s what followed that will leave you touched.

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