They Set Up A Nanny Cam At Home. What They Found Out Will Freeze Your Heart!

So Tiffany Fields has this cute little kid, 4-year-old Luke who happens to suffer from epilepsy, Downs Syndrome, and heart condition. Being a busy mom, Field figures she should get a caregiver to look after her kid while she and her hubby are away. That’s where the nightmare starts!

So they contacted an agency in Lexington, Kentucky, and a caregiver, named Lillian White, was posted to their home. Everything looked fine until Luke started behaving weirdly.

Luke always wanted to be held by his mom, but now he seemed to be in a scared mood. It amplified whenever the nanny showed up, and that got Field really perturbed. The couple decided to install a nanny cam to investigate what was really happening to Luke when they were away. The revelations were shocking.

From the video captured, the nanny is shown mistreating the kid in all manner of ways. She even sits on him as she changes his diapers. Worse still, she denied the charges in court after she was arrested and charged. Really?!

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