They Showed Up In Her Last Days And Pulled Off The Best Thing Ever. She Loved It!

No one wishes to fall sick, let alone suffer from a terminal illness. But sometimes it happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. During those trying times, all you can do to make it better is hold onto your faith and philosophy. Always hope for the best; just like Karinya did.

At 15, Karinya Chen found herself dealing with a really severe situation. She was suffering from bone cancer, and things were getting worse. She was taken to Hospice Austin’s Christopher House where she could be cared for as she underwent treatment. That’s when the news broke!

Her favorite band was coming to her hometown. She wished she could be there, but her condition had left her bedridden. But the staff at the hospice loved her, so they arranged for a surprise. Now sit back and watch what happened when the band, Florence + The machine, showed up right in her room and asked her to throw some song requests. This is awesome!

Sadly, Karinya passed away in October 2016, but she had had the best in her last days. Kindly watch this deeply touching video and SHARE with friends.

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