They Stand Hundreds Of Feet Above The Water, And Then They Do This. Summer Is Perfect!

There’re just so many ways you can hit the water.

There’s this one cool YouTube handle called People Are Awesome, and it’s oozing with awesomeness. These guys came together to do a video compilation of people getting some kicks out of the summer weather, and I can tell you it’s going viral faster than you can say “splash.”

The video shows some people throwing some stunts as they fly (literally) into the water. You’ll be amazed by the courage these guys have. Imagine your summer-loving self-letting loose from atop a tall cliff and going down to dive into the waters in a splash. Sounds fun, but could be scary.

At mark 1:43, someone does something completely nuts, and I drop.  Water skiers get a name too, and you’ll know that when you see what happens at mark 2:27. Wow!

As the handle put it, this is the coolest video compilation of the month and it serves to showcase people enjoying the warm, sunny weather to the fullest. They love the feel of the good sun, the sea and the beach. You will too!

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