They Started It In A Simple Garage. See What They’re Doing For Humanity Now. This Touched My Core!

In 2002, a few high-schoolers met at a garage in San Diego and started a dance group. They called it the Choreo Cookies. They had no idea what would happen a decade later.
Come 2015, and this group is already making waves across the world, so they went in for the VIBE XX Dance Competitions, and you want to know what they did there.

You might want to believe that a winning dance has to involve some crazy stunts inclining on hip-hop and the trendiest stuff in town, but that’s because you haven’t met these guys. Their attire, their routine and even how they carry themselves speaks volumes about their passion. They want to help, and they had to pull off the best dance to get in that position. And sure they won!

They want clean water, sanitation, health care and all the good things for the poor kids, and they even went ahead to donate their winnings to World Vision, an organization that helps the poor.

The start of the video says it all, and you have to watch it to feel it. Please watch and SHARE this video with everyone on Facebook. You should donate too!

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