They Take Some 6 People And Have Them Talk In Darkness. The Truth Will Have You Staggering!

There’s nothing as saddening and as unfair as a misinformed stereo type, but we still find our innocent selves judging others. Most of the times, we make our conclusions based on how other people look. Now, Coca Cola has just done something that’s now going viral for more reasons than drinking beverages.

They just got some 6 people and put them in a room with the lights off. Then they let these strangers talk about themselves in a free manner. When the lights were turned on, nobody believed it.

The people interacting in the dark room would probably never have stopped to greet each other on a street, leave alone talking about their interests. That shows us just how wrong we can be when we start judging other people anyhow.

Coca Cola came up with this ad to be aired during the Ramadan, but it seems that it’s carrying more lessons than just boosting the sales. It has a very important message that everyone should embrace, regardless of their religion or where they are.

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