They Thought He Was Any Other Humble Kid Until He Hit The First Note. What A Talent!

During different competitions, judges normally face an uphill task when it comes to determining the winner of any competition they’re presiding on. So as to come up with the outright winner and loser, looking into finer details of different participants is mandatory. Even though that’s what normally happens, there are certain cases in which it’s never a hard task to choose the winner. That’s when the talent is enough to speak for itself!

This video features Jai Waterford who was one of those participating in the current Australia’s X Factor. When you watch the kid’s performance when he takes the stage, it’s hard to believe he’s only aged 14 years. Once you listen to him sing and see how he plays guitar, you might think he is one of those seasoned performers in the industry. It’s easy to understand why one of the judges advised him to leave everything and concentrate on making himself a career in the musical industry. Don’t you think the kid’s talent guarantees him a career in the industry?

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