They Tried To Crucify Her For Loving Her Kids, But She Had This For Them… Incredible!

If anyone is going to dictate to Emma Tapping on how to mother her kids, their name will have to change to “nobody.” You want to know where this came from!

You see, Emma has made it a habit to buy lots of gifts for her kids during Christmas. One day, she posted a photo of her Christmas tree with gifts overflowing it. In fact, it’s hard to see the tree since it’s literally covered in gifts!

But some people seem to have been offended by Emma’s big-hearted nature towards her children. These people think she’s bragging on social media, but Emma doesn’t see anything wrong with posting a photo of a simple Christmas tree. What’s wrong with these people?!

During an interview, Emma made it clear that she wasn’t the kind of mom to be bullied for loving her kids. She’ll even use a cool $2,000 on 300 presents for her family. It’s what she works for!

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