They Went All The Way Back In The 1920s To Deliver This Performance. Awesome!

We have this famous band, the Modern Jokebox, and then we have this incredibly talent singer, Kate Davis. Something great is about to happen here!

Now, the Modern Jokebox is a band full of talent, mostly known for their love of turning hits into classic pop songs. They take some of the songs and turn them into the most amazing pieces ever. Considering that Kate Davis is also a very vocally blessed singer, you can already expect that whatever these guys are up to here is going to be “explosive.”

You’ll agree that there isn’t a better thing than getting to listen to a current hit song that’s been redone into an even more beautiful piece. Kate is good at that. In the video, she takes on “All That Bass,” a currently explosive pop hit that’s got everyone on their feet. Now, Kate is going to add a vintage touch on that song and make it sound like it’s done in 1940, and you just won’t believe how she does it. She’s brilliant!

It’s so cool to watch and listen to this. It makes you imagine the times when everything was done with real instruments and not computer generated sounds. Great! Watch, and if you love it, SHARE on Facebook!

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