They Went Out For A Simple Scuba Dive, But Nobody Told Them This Would Happen. I Love This!

Divers go diving in search of some cool stuff or incidents that can make their day, and these ones definitely got theirs.

When these guys went for a scuba dive, they only wanted to do what they always do, and they never expected something as awesome as this to happen. As they went about their diving business, they noticed a cute small seal moving towards them. At first, they thought the seal was an attacker, but they soon came to understand that the animal was actually trying to cozy up with them, so they responded with the same attitude.

These guys had a really good time playing around with the lovely marine animal. They followed the seal and joined the other cute animals for a cool marine party. If I had been there, I know I would have spent the whole day in those waters.

Watch the clip below and witness what happened between the divers and the seals, and you’ll like so much that you’ll want to go diving. Tell us how awesome you find this moment and also SHARE the video with your friends on Facebook!

Video by @Julián Bala

Posted by Ocean Reality on jeudi 9 juillet 2015

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