They Were Discouraged From Adopting A Neglected Girl But They Couldn’t Listen – What A Heart!

Diane and Bernie are one of those couples who love having large families. They still needed a girl in their family even though they still had 5 boys who were grownups. They made up their mind to have the daughter through adoption and that is what motivated them to attend an adoption event. While at the event, Diane’s attention was attracted by one girl whose photo was pinned on the bulletin board. Something within her told her she was the girl they needed to adopt.

When they tried to find out more information about the little girl, the caseworkers advised them to consider other options. According to the caseworkers, the girl could not be the best option for them since she had a problem. They ignored the warnings and finally they were able to discover the shocking truth.

They learned something about an investigation which was done back in 2007 which had uncovered a terrifying story about neglect and child abuse. Danielle was the name of the girl and she had been abandoned inside a Florida home when she was 7 years of age. At that time, she had never left the house and she never knew how to respond or talk. She was not in a position to consume solid food and all she had been left with in the room was a soiled mattress.

She was then taken to one group home and her biological mother had to lose her parental rights. Diane and Bernie were not discouraged from adopting Danielle despite her behavioral and development issues.

The video below covers Danielle’s stunning journey after the adoption.

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