They Were Playing, And Then Someone Decided To Bully Their Cheer Leader. What Happened Next Will Make You A Believer. Great!

Do you believe in total freedom? A life whereby we all coexist and have fun together regardless of our different physical or medical conditions? If you don’t, this will make you.

Something happened to one middle-school student at Lincoln Middle School, and everybody is now talking about it. Desiree Andrews has Down’s syndrome, and some disrespectful kids have been using it as an opportunity to scold and bully her.

However, they never stop her, and Desiree even went on to become the cheerleader for her school’s basketball team. Now, it so happened that there was a game in which her team was playing, and the bullies tried to do their thing during the match. They wanted to break her spirit, but things took another turn not in their favor.

Mid-match, some players noticed what was happening, and they decided to take some bold steps to stop it once and for all. They walked out of the pitch and did something really touching. She now has more friends than ever before.

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