They Wrote A Song That Left Millions Sobbing When They Appeared On TV. Watch!

If you know about the Nashvile Network, then you also know about the Startler Brothers Show. This was actually one of the most popular shows in the Network, all because these 4 brothers kept the fire burning. If you think they stopped, you might want to rethink that after this!

The 4 people started out their thing by working as back-ups for Jonny Cash, and then they “graduated” to singing their own hits like “The Class of ’57.” Now, before you get wowed by that, you might want to throw in the fact that these guys have even bagged a few music awards. Their country music is just awesome!

In the video, the 4 team up to bring you a stunning performance of one of their most sensational songs, “More Than A Name On A wall.” As you’ll come to prove, this song is popular for a reason, and you might realize that as you hold down a stifle or wiping away a tear as you watch. It’s that emotional!

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