They’re Checking Out A Beautiful Home For His Son, But There’s “A Problem”. Awesome!

It’s highly probable that you’ve heard of or even watched this guy act.

In his YouTube videos of the “Angry Grandpa,” Charles Green is a tough guy. But something happened recently, and now we know the softie in him.

Michael is Green’s son, and on this occasion, he is on a mission to dish out a huge surprise to his dad, and Angry Grandpa has no clue. Apparently, Michael and Bridgette need a new home, so they enlist the help of Michael’s dad and they all go around looking for a house to purchase.

They come across a very good-looking home that dad thinks is the coolest place for his son to spend his days in. The problem is, Bridgette and Michael weren’t looking for a house to buy, but rather a good house to buy for dad.

When his son handed him the keys, Charles had a hard time keeping his tears in the inside, so he just let them flow as he leaned on his good son’s shoulders. This is the best father-son moment ever!

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