They’re Just Standing Facing Each Other Before A Crowd, And Then She Takes The Step… I’m Wowed!

It’s official; Yulia and Valeriy are now celebrities!

These two dance partners know how to bring down the house and get the crowd into some hushed gasps. What they did this time is absolutely stunning. I can’t get myself to even imagine how much time and dedication they put into rehearsing this routine.

From the numerous breath-taking high-jumps to the jaw-dropping spins and incomprehensible landings, these two are really a dance item. Yulia, the female, is smaller than her male dance partner, but that doesn’t stop her from taking full advantage of that good fact. At 1:00 mark, she’ll do something that’ll leave you feeling dizzy. You’re going to fall for this!

These smart ones can be seen to hit the right rhythm to Nneka’s hit, “Heartbeat,” and that makes it even more incredible. The internet has gone wild for this video. In fact, one YouTube commenter couldn’t really comprehend how these super humans did all that. You’re about to feel the same!

Check out this great clip and witness this eye-popping performance. It’s too good to watch alone, so go ahead and SHARE with all your Facebook buddies!

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