Thief Steals A Box, But This Time, Things Aren’t As Sweet As Usual. Hilarious!

So Tom Mabe is a nice guy with some really cool neighbors. However, he noticed that something weird was happening around here. Some packages would be delivered at his door, and then they would disappear. Just like that!

At one point, Tom couldn’t keep it to himself, so he asked his neighbor about it. Turns out, his neighbor, too, was going through the same torment. At this stage, Tom had to do something to dig out the truth. Who was stealing their packages?

But Tom isn’t the kind of idle person to just drop a package at his door and sit around waiting to catch the thief. Tom is smart, so he decided to set a really brilliant trap. He set up a camera at the door, and then placed a package there. Well, what’s in that package? Poop! Using his skills, he had set the package to explode after 40 seconds if anyone moves it. Now wait for it!

So a car pulls up and guys comes out. He calmly walks up to Tom’s door and picks up the package. So this is the thief, uh? Well, he has it coming. 1,2,3 …40 seconds!

What happens next will leave you laughing like a mad man. Watch this and SHARE!

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